Our Little Pumpkin

One in four pregnancies end in miscarriage. But for us, one in four pregnancies produced a baby. Today I made a shadow box for our fourth baby, our Little Pumpkin.

One in four pregnancies end in miscarriage. But for us, one in four pregnancies produced a baby. Today I made a shadow box for our fourth baby, our Little Pumpkin.

Soon I’ll have my second D & C at a little over 10 weeks, and my body will begin getting closure on this loss. This pregnancy has been a very wild journey.

8 weeks and 3 days

We walked into a familiar nightmare during our 8-week ultrasound. “This is the yolk sac,” she said as she pointed to what I thought was our baby’s head. “Then where’s my baby?” “I don’t see it yet.” There was no baby. We’ve already experienced a blighted ovum miscarriage before and couldn’t believe it was happening again.

The yolk sac

The measurements of my gestational sac were very close to the determination guidelines, so we returned two days later for a follow up ultrasound.

8 weeks and 5 days

THERE WAS A BABY. The ultrasound nurse showed us our tiny jellybean.

Our baby

The embryo measured at 6 weeks and 1 day, but I was almost 9 weeks. Several other measurements and timelines were not in sync and didn’t make sense. There was no heartbeat but we were told that’s okay because it’s so small. Time to wait another week and come back to see how our baby is doing.

Waiting blows.

9 weeks and 5 days

The ultrasound nurse was quiet as she measured various things. “Can you tell us what we’re looking at?” I asked. “The baby is still measuring at 6 weeks and 1 day, and I can’t find a heartbeat. I’m sorry.”

10 weeks and 2 days

We officially say goodbye to our Little Pumpkin as I opted for a D & C.

You see, I’ve had a baby bump. I’ve been in maternity clothes since 5 weeks. I regularly wear nausea bands because I feel like I will vomit all day every day. I am constipated. I often fall asleep before 8pm because I’m so fatigued. I need this physical part to come to an end as quickly as possible.

For the first time in three miscarriages, we have the opportunity to test the embryo to give any insight into the causes of our losses. Beyond that, there are options to do some more blood work on me. And even with these options, we still may never get answers.

I’ve been pregnant four times in two and a half years. I don’t have a hard time getting pregnant; I have a hard time staying pregnant. I cannot express how difficult the entire process is on my body, my mind, and my heart. With babies, no matter how tiny, I don’t think there will ever be full closure.

A few more closing thoughts as a I speak my peace:

I love my doctor and am beyond grateful to be in her care through this. I chose for her to be my regular OBGYN after she did my D & C with our first loss because of how caring and compassionate she is.

I appreciate when people acknowledge and honor this tiny life.

I need time to feel everything— sadness, anger, guilt (yes, I know, not my fault), confusion— I need to ride it out.

Grieving with a toddler is very difficult. Jaclyn can sense when Seth and I are sad. She tries to help me blow my nose when I cry or play peekaboo when my head is in my hands from crying. It’s hard to let out all the feels when you’re constantly taking care of a tiny human.

I do not believe this happened for a reason. I believe we live in a fallen world and it is what it is.

I believe the Lord has a plan, and that plan may or may not involve us producing another biological child.

Thank you for everyone who has been so uplifting in words, prayers, and in deed through feeding my family the last couple of weeks. We love you all.

Seth and I love being parents. With Jaclyn, we are the three amigos. And we’d also love to add to our family.

We will always remember you, our little baby pumpkin and the excitement we had anticipating your arrival.

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